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European Youth Parliament

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European Youth Parliament

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European Youth Parliament

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Alumni Weekend 2015

430Alumni Weekend of EYP - Ukraine took place on the 26-27 of December, 2015, having gathered around 25 new and experienced members of the organization. During the weekend participants summarized saturated and full of impressions the year 2015 and shared their new brave plans of organizational activities for the year 2016.


Call for Head-Organisers

434EYP-Ukraine is looking forward to a great 2016 year. We continue to work on the regional development of the organisation. Bearing in mind the outcomes of EYP-UA Weekends that were organised by EYP‑Ukraine in 2014 and 2015 we move forward and from now onwards we want to have 5 Regional Sessions in 5 different regions of Ukraine that will take place in April, 2016. 


Winter General Assembly

424On December 15 EYP-Ukraine organised Winter General Assembly at the American Library NAUKMA. In the first part of the event President Kristina Chelmakina told in detail about the structure, persons and responsibilities of all departments of the organization, as well as their achievements in 2015.


23rd IWCK Charity Bazaar

430On December, 5 a group of EYP - Ukraine members has participated as volunteers in the IWCK Charity Bazaar, assisting the core team and gaining new experience with event organising.


National Committee Management and Development training event

414National Committee Management and Development (NCMD) training of the European Youth Parliament took place in Georgia (Kvareli) between 25th and 29th of November, 2015. The training was a part of BASES (Building A Strong European Society) project which is supported by German Federal Foreign Office. The event has gathered members of the National Committees of EYP from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine together with trainers from other National Committees.


National consultations for civic society organisations

421On the 5th of December, in Kyiv, the National consultations for civic society organisations took place. The topic of the event was:  “How civic society organisations (SCO) can support the  implementation of global Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)?”. The event was organised by United Nations Office in Ukraine, UN Volunteers and Resource Centre “GURT”. The event was dedicated to International Volunteer Day and took place in many Ukrainian cities.


Protagonist forum in Bonn

 420Over November 20-22 current president of EYP-Ukraine Kristina Chelmakina has represented the NGO at the Protagonist forum in Bonn, Germany. Leaders of various NGOs from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Germany and Ukraine have come together to share their experience in the sphere of youth NGOs, the way all the NGOs unite within one country and they ways of their self-governance. 

The call for trainees for Understanding Europe training event has been extended!

412Here is your last chance to apply as a trainee for the Understanding Europe train-the-trainer event. Last 4 days. Go ahead! 

You can find more information on the event here: The registration form is  here:


BASES: 5th InterRail Tour of EYP – Ukraine

logoToday begins an InterRail Tour of EYP – Ukraine, gathering active youth from all over Ukraine and European countries (350 participants) in order to discuss the most current issues under the umbrella topic "Dignity without borders".


BASES: Understanding Europe project | Train-the-trainer event

397EYP-Ukraine in cooperation with Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa and German Foreign Office opens a call for applications for Understanding Europe project T4T (train-the-trainer event). 

The event will take place in Kyiv between 11th and 13th of December and will gather 20 young participants from all over Ukraine on order to gain more knowledge on the project and the structure of EU Compact Course which is the highlight of the project. The participants of the training will join the Ukrainian team of the project and conduct the EU Compact Courses for high school student across Ukraine in 2016.  

You can find more information on the event here: The registration form is here: The

 deadline for applicants is set for 19th of November. The general overview of the Understanding Europe project can be found here:

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